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Where do you purchase Nike sneakers from?

All sneakers are bought by my boyfriend at retail price from Nike, Culture Kings, Hype DC and FootLocker. All custom sneakers are packaged in the original box.

Is your sizing chart unisex?

Yes. Simple, select your size or check from our unisex size guide on product page.

Do you paint sneakers that are not displayed on your site?

Yes. Send me a reference image of the custom sneaker to help me understand your painted colors. Further, I can add a name, initials, or date to your custom sneaker too.

How do I protect my painted sneakers?

Every order is packed with an aftercare card that helps prevent damage and tips on best way to take care of them.

What are the shipping prices / time it takes to paint my sneakers?

Standard Shipping (10-20 Business days) $19.95 AUD

Express Shipping (8-15 days) $24.95 AUD

Each order takes (2-3) weeks that includes ordering your sneaker size, prepping it and thus, painting your specified design. Next, your order is dispatched with your selected shipping type.

Can I return my sneaker if I order the wrong size?

Due to the nature of the sneaker being hand painted I do not offer returns, refunds or exchanges. However, refunds can be accommodated in certain situations!

How durable are my custom sneakers?

We did an initial 2 year test and no cracking or fading has occurred if followed our aftercare tips.

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