What is a custom request?

Custom requests may include (but are not limited to) changing the colour of a design, creating a new design or adding additional personalisations. Depending on the complexity of the design, custom requests may require more time to hand-paint thus increasing processing time.

Custom requests are subject to demand, available materials and complexity.


How do I enquire? 

For all custom requests please contact us via email found on our contact page and include the subject line as "Custom Request". 

Please include the following where applicable:

  • Reference photos of the design or colour you want
  • Correct spelling of any words, dates or initials
  • Placement of design on the shoe 
  • Shoe type
  • US Shoe size


Can I get a quote?

Yes, once all required details have been outlined or discussed with our team you will be given a quote. Quotes are based only on the design, shoe type and shoe size. Shipping costs are calculated at checkout. 

Quotes are valid for 14 days and subject to change.