Hello my name is Somer and I am the key artist behind each customization of pair of sneakers. 

Growing up, I found art was a way to express and find peace throughout my day and express my creativity. It has particularly been an outlet to rest my mind as I struggle with dyslexia and experience waves of anxiety. Each order helps to impact my life in a positive way as I’m passionate about painting custom sneakers.

Thats when BBYDESIGNSCO was created when my boyfriend Mishael, who is also the owner and founder, was searching for a Christmas gift for me. He showed me a pair of nike sneakers and I said, “I could make custom sneakers”. Next thing I knew, he had researched and ordered materials for me to customize my own pair of sneakers as he knew I loved painting. From that day moving forward, we grew from an idea and a passion. I began the process from my boyfriends lounge room to the point about 20-40 sneakers were being stored so we moved to his garage and over flooded with more orders so now the rumpus room is where we can store inventory and have set up a painting station. I am a proud Indigenous woman from Nukunu mob who never thought a passion for art would turn into a full time-job. 


Hi my name is Mishael and I may not be an artist, but I am bursting with creativity and passion. I have an extremely active roll in managing all orders, stock keeping, ensuring we have amazing customer service and researching ways to improve and expand BBYDESIGNSCO.  

 After reimbursing expenses such as cost of materials, all custom sneaker purchases go towards contributing my girlfriend and I to save for a house together and supporting our dreams of expanding BBYDESIGNSCO to a potential warehouse or studio.